In wordpress wp_options table, option_values are(some values) saved as serialized.So directly we can’t get those values.
Now i’ll tell you easy method to get meta data from wp_options table.

I want to get option name – ” tax_meta_25 “, values.
Values like this.(i want to get values corresponding to ba_pm3 )


First get data like this .

$val=tax_meta_25; //desired values to be fetched
$opt = $wpdb->get_row("SELECT * FROM $wpdb->options WHERE option_name = '$val'");
Now unserialize those data like this.

$array = unserialize($opts);
echo $array["ba_pm3 "];

And you have the values

Hope this will help you to get meta data from wp_options table.

One Comment on “Get meta data from wp_options table

  1. Heena
    December 7, 2017

    Thank you so much. Its really help me a lot.

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