Get the selected value from multiple radio boxes having same name

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The following code is used to get the selected radio button value by name

Get the value of the select box in ie

Posted by on May 25, 2013 in General, HTML, Javascript | No comments yet

We can’t access the option value using javascript on Internet Explorer using the normal javascript we cant get the value of the select box in ie IE is looking for the value attribute. It looks like other browsers are …

Call fancybox on page load

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Some time we need to show an message in popup when someone enters in our website.Its easy to call fancybox on page load when we use fancy box make sure you have included fancybox core files and jQuery Here is …

How to call any template inside phtml file magento

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Sometimes you want to call a block inside a .phtml file without defining in layout. In this case, we can use a method called toHtml of a block. Assume that we have a block called Mymodule and a template that …

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