Change tax to vat on magento

To change the word tax we can edit the locale csv for majority of tax words

Here is it

Open the Languge File located in


You will find the text “Tax” in 2nd para of 93th line.

You can replace the any other variable with your desired variable from this folder.

To change the the word Tax to VAT in the Magento checkout we need to edit a couple of core theme files, these are not changed automatically by a locale CSV.

Navigate to the following directory:


Open the following files in notepad++:



Alter all occurrences of Excl. Tax to Excl. VAT and Incl. Tax to Incl. VAT

You will also need to do the same with one core file:


Your checkout totals should now hopefully look something like this:

Change tax to vat on magento

Change tax to vat on magento

One Comment on “Change tax to vat on magento

  1. Ken Davies
    July 8, 2019

    This is helpful, but that file path isn’t there in my Magento 2 install. I’m using Ultimo theme

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