Resolve the Access Denied Error in Amazon S3 when viewing uploaded file

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Before you can access a file that is uploaded to a bucket, you need to apply public permissions using either “ACL settings” or the “bucket policy” tool. To apply the bucket policy, perform the following steps: 1) Open S3 management …

Change MySql root password on centos

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To change the root password, we need to still start mySQL with –skip-grant-tables options and update the user table

Redirecting to HTTPS from HTTP

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If we have added an SSL certificate to your domain, we can force all visits to your site to use HTTPS to ensure your traffic is secure. This post shows examples on how to do this. The following forces any …

Updating/Upgrading Magento 2 using Command Line

Posted by on Apr 22, 2018 in Magento, Magento 2 | 1 Comment

In this post we are discussing about how we can update/upgrade Magento 2 using command line First of all you need the ssh access and login with the username and password and move to the root directory in which Magento …

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