Add Toolbar and pager to custom product collection in magento

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While handling a magento job, i encountered a situation to implement the toollbar section for a custom product collection. So today we are discussing about how to add Toolbar and pager to custom product collection in magento Let us assume $_productCollection …

Migrating wordpress to another server

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For blogger who self-hosts the WordPress blog publishing system on a web hosting server with own registered domain name, sometimes, you may decide to reorganize the blog link URL to make it tidier or to reflect new focus or theme …

Magento file system ownership and permissions

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Magento file system ownership permissions

In this section we are going to discuss on how we can set magento file system ownership and permissions: Why do we set file system permissions Magento File system ownership and permissions Why do we set file system permissions Being living …

Get windows 10 for free

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Get windows 10 for free

We can get a full version of Windows 10, not a trial for free, Only thing you need to a faster internet connection to do 3GB download. You have one year to upgrade Windows 10 from the release date. The …

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